Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cooking with Confidence Culinary Series

Confident Cooking with Allyson

In developing our confident cooking series almost nine years ago, we began with the simple premise – when you are confident in your cooking skills, you simply enjoy time spent in the kitchen more and achieve better results. Teaching folks the fundamentals of the culinary arts, gives them the ability to tackle just about any recipe and have fun doing it. I have long believed that great chefs need to have artistic skills, understanding of science, chemistry and math, and at the same time be curious, intuitive and always willing to innovate. In the nine years of teaching this program, sometimes as often as 4 times per week, I have had the privilege of working with more than 3,000 students, with all levels of culinary skills, helping them gain more confidence in their cooking.

To do this, we have broken down this technique based series into 10 segments. Each segment includes an overview of the specific technique, and several recipes that demonstrate the specific topic. Each segment was designed as a weekly demonstration class, with students completing homework based on the recipes presented. Starting with Stocks and Broths, each lesson is designed to introduce new, more challenging culinary techniques, building on the previous lessons and expanding the student’s knowledge of key culinary terms, cooking techniques, kitchen tools and ingredients. By understanding the technique, as well as the science behind the technique, students are then able to adapt recipes to their own personal tastes, or to cook from scratch without a recipe. The overriding premise is “there isn’t just one way to cook!”

Over the course of teaching this program, I have continued to refine the lesson plans, include new recipes, introduce new flavor profiles, and adapt the recipes to make them even easier to understand for students. I am excited to present this weekly series to fellow foodies, looking to gain more confidence in the kitchen. Each week, for the next ten weeks, I will publish a new lesson plan for you to read, enjoy, practice and share your results with your friends and family. I encourage you to try at least one recipe per week and then report on your efforts through posting a comment. At the end of the series, you will receive the Confident Cooking quiz to help you analyze which lesson plans you may need to review again.

I welcome your participation, discussions and additional recipes as part of an interactive culinary exchange. Let’s get cooking!

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  1. This is a terrific blog!! High quality information & utterly practical! Almost unbelievable that this is all free, at no cost, for what many would (& do) pay hundreds of dollars to attend classes!! AND there is interaction? I'm new to blogging, so I'll look elsewhere on this page as to where best to place my question and close this now with a tremendous Thank You, Allyson!