Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Fancy Food

Waiting for my flight home from San Francisco. First one was cancelled. Hoping to make it back to So Cal by tonight. It's been a productive trip - saw some great things, ate some fabulous food, and drank way too many Irish Coffees. Godiva's Gems Party was a chocolate indulgence. The specialties of the evening included several colorful martini's, all named after gem stones, except for the Chocolotini, of course. A colorful character decked out in turquoise feathers and sparkly gowns helped create an even more exotic ambiance.

The show at Moscone had a new organic section with all things green and organic. Sea salt is still hot, and a central ingredients in all things both sweet and savory. Healthy options were also offered in chocolate bars, granola mixes, yogurt and energy drinks.

One of the best of the healthy options is the new PopChips - a crispy snack that tastes a lot like potato chips, but way less fat. The PopChips team handed out free samples in front of the convention center using Segways to move quickly up and down the streets of San Fran.

Here's a picture of one of my co-workers, posing for a pic with Lady Romeo - at least that's what the name tag said!!!

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